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The salon is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment for making your pets experience with us as pleasant as possible. We use a large raising table that enables large breeds to walk on before being raised at the press of button to a workable height. Our driers are pet friendly - we do not use drying cabinets.

On your first visit, after consultation with you to discuss styling requirements, your pet will be health checked. Anything unusual found would be reported to the owner. Your pet is then groomed. Dematting will be done where possible without causing your pet distress. Any matted areas that are too painful to be brushed out will be clipped. Your pet will then be gently bathed, dried and styled. We check your pet's nails, and clip where necessary, ears are also plucked if tolerated. We use only the best shampoos that do not cause irritation to the skin. Where pets have a medical condition of the skin, we will use shampoo supplied by client if preferred.

Our Care Policy

Rabbit grooming

At Chichester Pet Salon we are mindful that many animals are often nervous about their visit to the groomers (and sometimes so are the owners!). We always make sure that your pet loves their groomer and this is done by ensuring that a bond is created before grooming starts. Once grooming starts it is always done at the speed your pet requires in a kind, calm and caring manner with rests if required.