Terms and conditions - October 2010

It must be clearly understood and agreed that, whilst every care is given to your pet(s), they are accepted at the owner's risk. Our first concern is for the welfare of your pet so, in the event of injury or illness, a vet may be sought and, unless it can be clearly shown that we are liable, all costs in connection with and in the carrying out of this instruction shall be at the owner's expense. You will be expected to sign to show you understand and give your permission for this on your first visit to us.


In the event of matted fur needing a clip down, the owner should be aware that irritation may occur from the shaving process. Due to the matts sometimes being tight to the skin the dog's skin may get caught. The owner agrees that Chichester Pet Salon shall not be held liable for any after grooming effects of matt clipping procedures or problems "uncovered" on a badly matted neglected coat. The owner agrees to pay all costs for the grooming of the dog, including de-matting, whether or not the groomer is able to complete the job.

Aggressive Pets

We at Chichester Pet Salon reserve the right to refuse to groom any pet if we consider the safety of our groomers is at risk. The owner agrees to inform us if the pet has aggressive tendencies or has previously bitten. The owner understands that they will be held liable for bites caused by their dog.

Please try and ensure that your dog has relieved itself prior to grooming.


If you are unhappy in any way with the grooming of your pet please let us know within 24 hours so we can try and resolve any complaints you may have. A refund may apply once we have looked into your complaint.

Price Guide


Border Terrier35
Min Schauzer30
Cavalier Spaniel25
Cocker Spaniel30
Springer Spaniel30
Standard Poodle40
Border Collie35
Flat Coat Retriever30
German Shepherd Dog35
Staff/Bull Terrier20
Catsfrom £25
Bath and blow dry
Short coat12
Long coat18
Wool coat20

If you would like to include ears and nails there will be an extra charge of £3.50

These prices are based on your pet's coat being in good condition, extra charges may apply if the coat is very matted.